Learning to Podcast is tiring…

Night 1: What a long night learning about podcast publishing. I’m tired…

Night 2: It’s been another late night learning how to build this website. I also spent time (way too much time) watching tutorials and learning Libsyn, yay, I’m getting closer… Need bed now!

After watching countless tutorials and learning, learning, and even more learning I’m starting to get it…..well sort off. I’ve got my Libsyn account setup and tested, all is good. I’ve even gone as far as testing out Mr. Pat Flynn’s Smart Podcast Player. I like it, it’s clean looking and melds nicely with the content of the blog. I’m still trying to figure out how to add the Podcast Transcripts in a way that can be opened and closed within a post instead of having 15 pages of text on each post. If you know how to do this, please share.

Something else I’ve bee doing and I don’t why because it’s not that important right now; is considering affiliates to add to the site. I do only plan on endorsing products and services I use in my everyday life. These products may or may not be business related. They may just be included because they’re “AWESOME” and I want to spread the word.


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